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Ready to toss into a salad with mango, fill a sandwich along with bacon & a cajun mayo or simply snack on the go straight from the pack.


Low in Fat | High in Protein | High in Vitimin B12 | Rich in Amino Acids

BBQ Glazed Chicken Pieces 120g

  • Chicken 98% (origin UK or EU), salt, starch, bbq coating: sugar, breadcrumb (wheat flour - (gluten)), salt, rusk, (wheat flour (gluten), calcium, carbonate, salt), modified starch, spices (Smoked paprika, black pepper, white pepper), dried tomato, dried onion, yeast extract, hickory smoked sunflower, oil, thickener (guar gum), acid (sodium diacetate, citric acid), moke flavouring, colour (paprika extract).

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